Beware of Spurious Calls and Fraudulent Offers

Did you know?

Criminals might pose as an employee of our online store 365mall and contact you through phone calls, SMS, or e-mails any web links.

They may try to trick you with opportunities to earn bonus/offers or benefits on any offers

Stay safe

Beware of these fraudulent offers
Do not respond to such offers or share your personal information and any banking related information in any private mail or phone calls.

Identifying whether an email, phone call, text message or webpage is from

You might receive fraudulent emails claiming to come from Such emails aim to convince you to reveal sensitive account information. Here are some tips to determine whether an email is from

Fake emails look like real emails from These emails often direct you to a false website that looks like website, which asks you to give your account information and password.

These websites can steal your sensitive information and use it to commit fraud or theft.

To protect yourself from these emails, use the following tips.

We never ask you for the following information by email or any phone call:

We never send any bank account link to transfer any money

Your bank account information, credit card number, PIN, or credit card security code (including updates to any of the above)

Personal information to identify you, e.g., your mother’s maiden name, your place of birth, etc.

You password

Check the Return Address

Real emails come from an email address ending in “” or “”.

Check the email header information to see that the “received from”, “reply to”, and “return path” for the email come from “” or “”.

Check the Website Address

Some phishers create spoof websites that contain the word “” in the URL. Real websites end with “” or”, e.g.,,, etc.

We never use a combination such as “” or “”.

Some phishing emails include a link that looks like it will take you to your seller account, but is a shortened link to a different website. If you hover over the link in your email client, you may see the underlying web address, either as a popup or as information in the browser status bar.

Report frauds

Herewith We declare that we are not offering any directed deposit of money or any investment to our enterprises etc. We are not having any kind of money laundering offers or chit fund or Money chains business or Multilevel marketing (MLM) schemes etc. Kindly don’t deposit or transfer any money to any account which is/are claim to be 365mall account.

Don’t transfer any money through any UPI links (Google Pay or PhonePe).

We have only received money through our PayU or PayPal account, only if you purchased any of our products through this site only.

We are not responsible if any frauds/money transfer outside this website

If you receive spurious e-mails, or any SMS or any web links to. 
Please forward to <>